Welcome, Access-A-Ride pilot users!

For years, ARRO has partnered with Access-A-Ride (AAR) to helps thousands of New Yorkers get where they need to go daily. Access-A-Ride passengers love ARRO for its convenience, high quality, 24/7 service, and professionally-trained drivers who ensure each passenger and each trip is handled with care. Ready to experience ARRO for yourself? Here’s how to get started!

Getting started:

1. Click here to complete the AAR pilot user registration form.

2. Once we have you in our system and you’ve received authorization from AAR, you can start scheduling ARRO trips by downloading and using the ARRO mobile app for iPhone and Android (AAR pilot users only).

It’s that simple! We’ve provided a list of answers to commonly asked questions below. For further inquiries, contact us 24/7 at support@ridearro.com. We’re committed to keeping all of NYC on the move and we look forward to having you in one of our cars soon!


1. How much does a trip cost?
For all trips, passengers are required to give the driver a $2.75 cash co-pay. Access-A-Ride will subsidize the remaining cost of your trip. The amount of the subsidy varies and is determined by Access-A-Ride.

2. How can I download the app?
For approved pilot users, we’ve provided a video guide for downloading the ARRO app and connecting your AAR Rider ID. You can watch it here.

3. Can I use the app as a non-pilot user?
The ARRO app is available to everyone. However, if you’re not a non-pilot user, your trips cannot be connected to your AAR Rider ID and therefore won’t subsidized.