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Hi, we’re ARRO!

What is ARRO?

ARRO is a taxi app that offers the smartest way to hail and pay for taxis in cities in the US and the UK.  Available for free on iPhone and Android devices, ARRO connects you to the nearest available drivers in every location, to get you where you’re going, faster!

How does ARRO work?

ARRO let’s you E-Hail (see and book available taxis in your area) or E-Pay (easily pay for taxis you’re already in) with the tap of a button!

  • How to E-hail with ARRO:
    Simply open the app and enter your destination. Immediately, you’ll receive a fare estimate, route preview, and an ETA for the nearest available driver for your trip. When the ride is over, the fare is paid automatically with the card on file or other payment method you added to your account!
  • How to E-Pay with ARRO:
    If you are already in a taxi that you didn’t hail with our app, you can still use ARRO for faster payment! From the home screen, select “I’M ALREADY IN A TAXI”, then enter the 7-digit check-in code displayed at the top of the taxi’s screen to pair the meter with your ARRO account. At the end of your trip, your fare will be paid automatically and your receipt will be emailed to you!

Where can I use ARRO?

ARRO is currently available in New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, London, and more!

Download Arro from the App Store
Download Arro from the App Store
Download Arro from Google Play
Download Arro from Google Play