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Fees Explained

Fees Explained

Cancellation Fees

We understand that you may have to cancel a requested ride sometimes. To compensate your driver for their time and gas and to ensure better and faster service overall, ARRO may charge you a cancellation fee for specific rides.

In general, our policy is to charge cancellation fees in the event that the ride is cancelled 2 minutes or more after the driver accepts the trip. We may also charge cancellation fees to riders who make repeated or frequent cancellations, or to those who fail to show up for rides in a timely manner.

Currently, the cancellation fee in the USA is $2.00 per event and in the UK the cancellation fee is £2.00. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for the detailed policy.

No-Show Fees

ARRO may charge you a no-show fee if you fail to present yourself within 5 minutes of the driver arriving at your requested pick-up location. Drivers are expected to notify you of their arrival and to make an attempt to contact you before reporting a no-show event.


Currently, the no-show fee in the USA is $5.00 per event and in the UK the no-show fee is £5.00. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for the detailed policy.

How to Dispute the Fees

If you feel you have been charged a cancellation or no-show fee in error, please contact us via the ARRO App by tapping on Settings in the menu, then tapping on ‘Contact Arro Support Team’.


Alternately, you may email ARRO support directly at support@ridearro.com.

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